MFA Sync

One stop solution for all your MFA needs.

Don’t limit your Two-Factor Authentication to one device.

MFA Sync can access your Second Factor from any and all devices you own. Tablets. Laptops. Smart phones. No exceptions. You no longer need to carry the “correct” device to login to your accounts.

Easy access to Two-Factor Authentication. Anytime. Anywhere

MFA Sync is a cross-device compatible service that allows you access your Second Factor anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you’re a cautious online shopper or a head programmer in a development team, MFA Sync gives you the flexibility you need to work or play anytime you want.

How it works

Simply scan your pairing code on any site that supports Google Authenticator or TOTP, and MFA Sync will generate access codes for your devices. Only the temporary codes are ever sent to your devices, the account secret is never sent over the wire.